Mainstream Media Citings: Jennifer Hunter in Black and White 

New York Post 10.17.2019 In "These Dominatrixes Double as Therapists," Jennifer Hunter analyzes the psychosexual nature of the Femdom phone experience as practiced by the Mistresses-cum-therapists of JHG. For which Miss Hunter is photographed by the New York Post, aptly posed reclining on the proverbial Freudian couch, holding the very phone owned by Sharon Stone's femme fatale character in Basic Instinct. 1.27.2022 Noted Female Supremacist author, psychologist, and sex researcher Elise Sutton endorses the Jennifer Hunter Group as the only Femdom phone service She recommends to Her readers.
New York Times 4.01.2012 In "She's Fit to Be Tied," Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Maureen Dowd interviews Jennifer Hunter about the runaway bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.
New York Post 4.26.2010 Jennifer Hunter is profiled in "On the Job: She's the Boss." The genesis of the Jennifer Hunter Group: fresh out of Harvard, Miss Hunter found Her calling. A day in the life of the Headmistress.
New York Times 4.26.2006 Jennifer Hunter is quoted in "Never Mind Mars and Venus: Who Is 'the Decider'?" Miss Hunter joins the debate engendered by President George W. Bush's turn of phrase.
Father Knows Less (Putnam, 2007) On a quest to answer his precocious young son's most baffling queries, author Wendell Jamieson consults an array of experts. Jennifer Hunter cracks the mystery: "If you don't hit anything with it, how does a whip make that noise?"

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