Sexual Personae
Les Fleurs du Mal:

Alexandra Caitlin Caro Tyler Fiona Melissa Noelle Sloane

Presenting the Entrancing Mistress Alexandra
Any man of sense would find Her intimidating:
She's a Harvard grad, professional musician, part-time model
(5'11" sans boots), passionate target shooter, salsa dancer,
sci-fi aficionada, and devotee of wine tasting. Our ex-Prodomme
leads seminars on flogging, short whips, and body percusssion.
Of Egyptian descent, Alexandra exudes the strong, exotic beauty 
of Salma Hayek. Dedicated to continuing education, She is a
certified hypnotist as well as a licensed massage therapist, with a 
newly won DMA from the New England Conservatory of Music.
Mysterious and deep, the succubus of your waking dreams.
A virtuoso of symphonies of sadism, She will score
your very soul with Her perverse compositions.

Presenting the Pampered and Precocious Mistress Caitlin
Our freshly minted college graduate (UM class of 2015) is
pursuing a master's in dietetics/nutrition at FIU to prepare for
a career in holistic healthcare. Amanda Seyfried incarnate, this
blue-eyed blonde of German & Norwegian lineage attended an
open call held at UM by Sloane's model agency and would've been 
a shoo-in, but for the 5'8" height requirement. Smitten, Sloane slid
Caitlin Our card. An adorable beauty indulged by a doting daddy,
She is eager to cultivate a range of Sadean skills. This natural
tease loves dressing the part in thigh-high boots at fetish parties
with Her girlfriends. Now on a raw-food kick, Our ferret fancier
enjoys yoga, running, swimming, shoe shopping, horror movies,
growing hybrid roses, painting the female form, and perfecting
Her mastery of hypnosis. An irresistible minx adept at mischief
and manipulation. Unfair, unreasonable, and utterly undeniable.

Presenting the Captivating Mistress Caro
"When a man asks how many lovers I've had, I just sigh and ask if
he's seen the movie 300." From Red Bank to boarding school, this
petite brunette ringer for Kate Beckinsale epitomizes the femme
fatale. At Parsons, She danced at the Joffrey and Ailey Schools;
at BU, She danced in a more risqué venue. To the family's dismay,
Caro joined the AF, got a BSEE at Old Dominion, and wed/shed
a SEAL. Discharged, She bought an 18th-ct. Philly trinity, did a
stint as an escort, then as an EOD contractor, before Her beauty,
feminine wiles, and skill with guns and knives led to recruitment
as a freelance Mata Hari on missions to myriad exotic locales. At
home in a café on the Rue St.-Honoré or a tent in the Middle East,
She fancies fashion, fiction, foreign film, dove-keeping, and dining
out. Toned via lifting, Tabata, ballet, Pilates, riding, and skiing, this
magnetic Alpha huntress sleeps with assassins—literally, assassins.

Presenting the Tantalizing Mistress Tyler
Of black Irish & Ukrainian ancestry, Our graceful beauty admits to
occasionally exploiting Her likeness to Marion Cotillard to score
better tables. A Phi Beta Kappa who solves the Times Sunday
crossword in ink, She earned a BFA in film/video from Pratt and
decamped to trendy WeHo to be a set decorator on a TV series. A
witty fashionista with a Louboutin fetish—courtesy of Her mother,
a former model/personal shopper—She's into world travel, Iyengar
yoga, beach biking, blading on the Strand, training Her rescue dog,
clubbing in Vegas, cultivating exotic succulents, Sicilian cookery,
interior design, film noir, and psychology tomes. This bird-watcher
hikes advanced trails in search of raptors (highlight: Peru to view
condors in flight). The game comes naturally to Our raven-haired
civilian Dominatrix for whom "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac."

Presenting Our Special Guest Artist
The Machiavellian Mistress Fiona
Raised in diplomatic circles, an agent provocateur at boarding
school, this auburn-locked, cerulean-eyed goddess is a Vassar 
alumna with the ravishing beauty of Olivia Wilde, plus lush bust.
A ghostwriter, certified doula, and collector of fetish fine art,
dildos, and lovers, Our dauntingly well-read Renaissance woman
adores independent film, cross-country skiing, Pilates, preparing
sushi, and making mincemeat of men. A lifestyle Domme
equipped with a cutting-edge dungeon (and tongue), She has
hands-on experience in every esoteric kink . . . and can't wait 
to get Her hands on you. Ask prettily, and perhaps She'll permit
Her alpha slave to participate in a ménage à trois. Brilliant,
diabolical, and merciless, Fiona is a force to be reckoned with.

Presenting Our Special Guest Artist
The Cordon Bleu Mistress Melissa
Of Mediterranean heritage, She turns heads with Her resemblance
to Adriana Lima, Her hard body a testament to hard-core CrossFit
and kung fu. Our Top chef holds a degree in culinary arts from 
AiNYC. This inveterate entrepreneur developed and sold a chain 
of patisseries before opening an exclusive spa in Battery Park City,
the setting for a host of risqué stories. Her East Harlem brownstone
features a rooftop garden—perfect for nude sunbathing and other,
less innocent pursuits. As restless as the city She calls home, She's
now launching Her latest venture, a sports-nutrition meal-delivery
service, and writing still another cookbook to add to Her oeuvre.
Uncannily perceptive, warmly engaging yet casually callous, this 
deliciously malicious Mistress will leave you hungering for more.

Presenting Mistress Noelle, Our Summer Guest Artist
One of Our most popular consultants ever, this native
Philadelphian managed an escort service during college,
financed nursing school by working as a Prodomme,
and is now an RN specializing in neonatal care and
high-risk obstetrics, ensconced in the Florida Keys with
aptly uxorious husband. Fed up with arrogant doctors
("You can't hit them, because then you go to jail—sigh")
and hospital hassles, She's itching to vent Her spleen on
ready scapegoats and willing whipping boys-in-waiting.
Sexy, smart, and sociopathic.
Take aurally as directed.*
*Common side effects include persistent erection, fluid retention, severe head-
ache, elevated pulse rate, new or worsening pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Presenting the Picture-Perfect Mistress Sloane, Private Stock
Of British & Hungarian pedigree, She recalls Jessica Biel—fore
and aft. Born with a silver spoon poised between Her very pretty
lips, She began modeling as a teen and continued while acquiring
a BA in women's studies at Temple and an MS in IT from UMD.
As a beautiful model, She quickly learned the craft of exploiting
men. Our clever Floridian is an account manager/equity partner
at a top modeling agency. Her husband has relocated to the West
Coast, so this trophy wife has ample time to prowl for playmates,
male and female, in between conjugal visits. "Absence makes the
heart grow fonder," She purrs, caressing Her huge ring. Sloane
indulges in yoga and daily workouts (to stay camera-ready), the
beach, travel, exotic chocolate, lowbrow vinyl, and haute couture.
Accustomed to getting Her way, intuitive, playful, enchantingly
capricious, She's a born Domina. Caution: dangerous when wet.

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