Open House

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, and I’m having a party. Nothing fancy, just a couple dozen people for cocktails. In the six weeks since we’ve met, I’ve kept you to myself, and I thought this would be a nice way for my friends to get to know you, now that I possess you completely.


You’ve been very good, arriving early to make me breakfast and then cleaning my house from top to bottom, bathing me and giving me a pedicure, and setting out trays of canapés. You had begged me to let you serve my guests in your little maid’s outfit, but I have other plans for you. Now you are on your back on my bed, naked, cock and balls bound, hands and feet tied to the bed frame, and I am getting ready for my guests’ arrival. 


I’m wearing knee-high, black, stiletto-heeled boots and a tiny silver strapless dress that barely skims my ass. I spent hours in the mountains yesterday observing a nest of red-tailed hawks, and the sun has turned me golden, making my blue eyes sparkle. The metallic silver of my dress contrasts nicely with my tawny skin, in addition to displaying a deep show of luscious cleavage. I fix my long hair in the bedroom mirror and see you staring hungrily at my round, full breasts. Your cock is tensing against the cords binding it. I turn around, come to the bed, and lean over you, pushing my breasts close to your face, torturing you. “I’d better get to the guests. We’ll pop in soon and pay you a visit so you don’t get too lonely.” “Thank you, Mistress,” you say. As you watch, I take your shiny chrome nipple clamps out of the bedside table and clip them on to you, playfully pinching your nipples extra hard as you inhale sharply, wincing. I kiss you, give your face a slap, and pull your hood down over your head. “Back in a few,” I coo, pulling the door shut behind me. 


Through the closed door, you can hear music playing and drinks being poured, and guests laughing and making party chitchat. The voices are mostly male. You hear my voice in conversation with a few men and strain to make out what we're saying. You hear me mention your name and then the four of us laughing. A shiver, part dread and part excitement, runs through your body, your bound cock stiffening and jumping. 


A few minutes later, you hear the door open. “Here’s the entertainment, guys,” I say. I raise your hood and slap your face. “Say hi to our guests, little bitch.” There are three men standing around the bed. “Hi,” you say. They ignore you. You watch as I put my arms around the man standing at the foot of the bed and kiss him deeply, pushing my body against his. His big hands reach under my dress, grabbing my ass and squeezing it. You are never permitted to touch me this way. I reach down, unzip his pants, and take out his already stiff cock, running my fingers along it. I put it in his hand and move on to the next man, kissing him and getting his cock out, and then the next. Seeing my long fingers and crimson nails caressing the men makes you even harder. The men hold their cocks over you and jack off. They are all very big, and from time to time, one of them straddles your chest and slaps your face with his cock before forcing it into your mouth and down your throat, gagging you. Meanwhile, I’m teasing and torturing your bound cock and balls, alternately caressing and slapping them, and you are gasping, your dick painfully hard. “Look at this silly little bitch,” I say. “He’s all turned on.” One by one, the men moan and shoot their loads all over your chest and stomach, dousing you. I put your hood back on you, and we leave you there, drenched in cum.


A few minutes later, I return with two new men. “You were such a big hit with our guests, I brought you a couple more,” I say, lifting your hood. Your eyes dart from side to side. I slap you, then spit in your face. “Thank you, Mistress,” you say. The men laugh. I motion to the man standing by the left side of the bed, near your head; he unzips his pants and takes his cock out. It’s already hard. “I’m going to fuck him,” I say, “so I need you to get his dick nice and wet.” As that man feeds you his cock, the man who is stationed to your right starts jacking off. The first man takes his cock out of your mouth and slaps you across the face with it. I point to the space next to you. “Here. On your back,” I tell him. He lies down alongside you, his big hard cock shining with your spit. “Now, isn’t this cozy?” I say to you as I sit astride him, working his cock into my tight little pussy. His cock is huge, and I moan appreciatively. “Watch this, little bitch. You’ll never get to fuck me like this, because you can’t. You’re just a silly little bitch with a silly little cock,” I tell you. “You can’t fuck like a man.” You watch me riding my stud, so close it could almost be you, while the other man alternately jacks off over you and sticks his cock into your mouth. As I watch you being used, I fuck my stud harder until I come, spasms racking my body, and then he gasps and comes inside me. When I finally finish coming, I climb off him and gesture for him to get up; I order the man jerking off in your face to take his place. Once he is inside me and my tight cunt wraps around his cock, I explode again, my pussy gushing. My hot wetness makes him climax almost immediately. 


Then I straddle your face, poised to sit on it. “I know you want to eat all this cum out of my pussy, but my asshole needs some attention first. Get to work, little bitch.” I position my round, sweet ass over your mouth, and you greedily plunge your tongue into my pink asshole. After you’ve fully serviced my asshole with your tongue, I grind my pussy down onto your face so you can lap all that nice hot cum out of me. You dart your tongue in and out of my cunt and suck and nibble on my clit while I ride your mouth. Soon I come, gripping your head between my taut thighs while I groan and shudder. Once my orgasm subsides, I smile wickedly down at you. 


“Look at me,” I say. You look up at my face searchingly, seeking my approval, as always. I smile at you. “You’ve been very good so far,” I say, “but we’ll see what the next wave of party guests brings.”


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