Back to Basics

This time it's just the two of us. You walk in. “On your knees,” I tell you, and you drop. “Get undressed and put on your nightie.” You start to get up, but I shake my head. “You’ll stand when I tell you to.” Awkwardly, you begin undressing. I slap you hard across the face. “What do you say?” “Yes, Mistress,” you reply, eyes down. “You’re out of practice. I can tell we’re going to have to do a lot of retraining today, go back to basics . . . but I’m going to be a lot more severe. Got that?” “Yes, Mistress.”


You’re now in your sheer black nightie. “Get up, tuck your cock, and spin for me.” You oblige. “Again,” I say. You spin again. “Sing for me,” I say. “What would Mistress like me to sing?” you ask. “I’m feeling romantic. Sing me a love song. Put some feeling into it.” “Yes, Mistress,” you answer, and start to sing. “Crawl on the floor while you’re singing,” I tell you. You get on your hands and knees and crawl, singing your heart out. “Louder!” I say, smacking your ass several times with the paddle. You sing louder, crawling, until I stop you. I sit in the black leather Dom chair. “I shouldn’t have to follow you around to beat you. Get over here.” You crawl over, your eyes down. I put my hand on your chin and jerk your face up. “Look at me,” I say. “Don’t you ever fucking forget who’s your Mistress. Who’s your Mistress, cunt?” I slap you across the face. “You are, Mistress,” you say. I slap you again. “Who?” “You are, Mistress.” “That’s right,” I say, and spit in your face. “Turn sideways.” 


I get the belt, the heavy brown one, and beat your ass hard, over and over. Your ass turns bright red. I rake my nails over it. “There, now you’re marked. Sit up and face me.” I gesture to my pussy. “Right there.” You sit in front of my pussy, your nose inches away from its sweetness. “Today, you don’t get anywhere near this pussy. Not with your tongue, not with your fingers, and certainly not with your stupid little pathetic dick.” I finger my pussy and wipe my fingers across your face. “You earn this pussy. Maybe, just maybe, if you work hard for me, I’ll let you fuck me with my dildo. Would you like that?” “I would, Mistress, very much.” “Are you going to miss fucking me? Because if it’s a problem for you, we can call this off, and you can go right now.” “Mistress, I’ll miss fucking you, but I understand that I have to earn that privilege.” “I don’t give a fuck if you understand it or not. It’s not your job to understand it. What’s your job?” “To be a good little cunt boy,” you say. “That’s right,” I say. “Now let’s hear the whole sentence.” You repeat it: “My job is to be a good little cunt boy.” “Again.” “My job is to be a good little cunt boy.” “Again,” I say, spanking your ass. “My job is to be a good little cunt boy.” I ruffle your hair with my hand. “You’re doing a very good job so far,” I say. “Thank you, Mistress.” “Does that make you happy, cunt?” “It makes me very happy, Mistress.” “Good,” I say. I grab your hair and kiss you, my tongue entering your mouth. 


I get up and turn around in my chair. “You’ve missed eating my asshole so much, now get to work.” You spread my little ass apart with your hands and stick your tongue deep into my tight pink asshole. “Mmm, now fuck that asshole with your tongue. Come on, don’t make me have to turn around and slap you.” You stiffen your tongue and move it in and out of my asshole. I let you work for a while, and then I pull away abruptly, turn around, and slap your face. 


“Take off your nightie and lie on your back on the floor.” You lie down, and I sit on the floor alongside you. I take your hard cock in my hand and squeeze it. You gasp. “You don’t get to fuck Mistress today, and you don’t get Mistress’s mouth on your silly dick. But I know you’ll be sad if that pathetic little dick doesn’t get any attention, so . . .” I slap your cock 2, 3, 4 times as you gasp and moan with pain. “What do you say?” “Thank you, Mistress.”


Now I get up and stand over you. “You’re always bitching about how cold the bathtub is, so guess what? Today you get a special break.” I piss on your chest and your stomach. You flinch as my hot piss splashes into your face. It runs down your body and onto the floor. “What do you say?” “Thank you, Mistress.” “For what?” “For giving me your piss.” I throw a towel at you. “Mop yourself off and then clean the floor, with my piss drying on you. Get the bucket out from under the sink, and the cleanser and some rags.” You get the items, fill the bucket with water, and start cleaning the floor on your hands and knees. I stand over you with my foot on your neck. “How do you feel, bitch?” I ask you. “I feel very relaxed and happy, Mistress.” “Why is that?” “Because I love to work hard for you and be a good little cunt boy.” “Good boy,” I say. You finish cleaning, and I inspect your work. “Good job, for a useless pussy bitch,” I say, “but you’re getting beaten anyway.” I smack your ass with the paddle, alternating cheeks, until they’re bright red again. 


I grab your hair and drag you back to the Dom chair, where I sit down, with you at my feet. “You probably want to go wash off my piss, but first things first.” I pick up my big, veiny vibrator and slap you across the face with it. “Open up, little bitch. Show me how good you suck cock.” You take the shaft deep into your throat, gagging as I feed it to you. When it’s nice and wet, I hand it to you and spread my legs. You see my slick little pussy and wish so hard that you could stick your tongue inside it, but instead you turn on the vibrator and slide it into my pussy, working it in and out. I meet your thrusts with my hips. You work the vibrator deep, deep into my cunt, as far as it will go, pressing the rabbit against my clit, and I arch my back and start to come. You know better than to stop without permission, and so you keep fucking me as I come over and over again, screaming louder and louder. I lose control, hitting and scratching you, but you don’t dare stop, and I come endlessly. Finally, I grab the vibrator out of your hand. “OK, that’s enough,” I gasp. “Crawl into the bathroom and stand in the tub.” I get a dildo and follow you.


You crawl into the bathroom, with my piss still drying on you, and stand in the tub. I put a washcloth down in front of you. “Piss on this washcloth. I’ll wait outside because I know you can’t piss if you’re being watched . . . pussy.” “Thank you, Mistress,” you say. After a minute or so, I hear you pissing. I come back into the bathroom. “Pick up the washcloth,” I say. “Yes, Mistress,” you reply, stooping and picking it up. “You know what to do now,” I say. “Yes, Mistress.” You squeeze the washcloth above your head, piss dripping down onto your hair and face. “How do you feel?” I ask. “Degraded, Mistress.” “Is that a problem?” “No, Mistress.” “Good, now let’s wash off all the piss.”


I turn on the shower; you stand under it. I get a clean washcloth and soap it up. I wash your chest and back, your legs and around your cock. “Turn around,” I say. You turn, your back facing me. I move the soapy washcloth down to your ass and between your cheeks. “We need to get you nice and clean back here, don’t want a dirty pussy boy.” I spread your ass cheeks apart with one hand and wash your ass and your asshole. “Let’s make sure we do a thorough job,” I say. I soap up my index finger and guide it into your asshole. You clench up, resisting. “Awww, pussy boy doesn’t want his asshole messed with, does he? Turn around.” You turn around, and I slap your face, then roughly turn you back. “Let’s try that again.” This time, I insert my middle finger into your ass. You gasp and take it. “Good boy. Now let’s try two.” I work my index finger and middle finger into your ass, which is starting to relax now. “Ohh, he’s starting to get used to it, huh? Little sissy boy likes his asshole played with, doesn’t he?” “Yes, Mistress,” you gasp. “We’ll see about that,” I say. I fuck your asshole with my soapy fingers, getting it slick and relaxed, while I stroke and squeeze your cock with my other hand. Your cock is very hard. “This is turning you on, huh? You are such a little bitch, aren’t you?” “Yes, Mistress.” “What are you?” I say, tugging on your cock and pushing my fingers hard into your asshole. “I’m a little bitch, Mistress.” “Whose asshole is this?” “Yours, Mistress.” “Uh-huh,” I say and pick up the dildo.


I push the dildo into your ass. There is surprisingly little resistance. You moan, your hands braced against the back wall of the shower. I work the dildo in and out of your ass, slowly at first and then faster and harder while I keep milking your cock. “Don’t you fucking come, understand, cunt?” “I won’t come, Mistress, but I’m getting close,” you say. I pull out the dildo, shut off the water, and turn you around. I hold the dildo in front of your face. “Come on,” I say. “Clean it off.” You hesitate, and I tap your face with it. “I don’t have all day.” You lick the dildo gingerly and then take it into your mouth. “Goooood boy. Aren’t you glad I got your asshole all nice and clean first?” “Yes, Mistress.” “What do you say?” “Thank you, Mistress.”


I kick away the bathmat. “Get out,” I say. I dry you with a towel and then gesture at your still-hard cock. I give you some lube. “Jack yourself off and tell me what a filthy little pussy cunt you are.” You stroke your cock, repeating over and over again, “I’m a filthy little pussy cunt.” Before long, a big load of cum spurts out of your cock and onto the floor. I gesture toward the puddle of cum on the floor. “You know what to do,” I say. You get on your hands and knees and lick your cum up off the floor. “Good boy,” I say, handing you a glass of water. “Well, I’m busy, so it’s time to go. Get dressed and get lost.” I kiss you. “You did very well today.”


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