A Prayer to the Holy Mistress  (written by Melissa's Gallic devotee)

Glory to Mistress Melissa


She is the Mistress;

i am the moron.

She is the perfection;

i am the unworthy.

She is the world;

i am the useless.

She rules;

i surrender.

Glory to Mistress Melissa!


She is the princess;

i am the peon.

She is the light;

i am the dark.

She is the law;

i am the loser.

She decides;

i obey.

Glory to Princess Melissa!


She fucks real men;

i am the cocksucker.

She demands large cock;

i have a small prick.

She expects potent sperm;

i produce egg white.

She commands;

i submit.

Glory to the holy pussy of Mistress Melissa!


She controls my mind and body;

i belong to Her.

She hates my empty testicles;

they love Her.

She wants them to suffer;

i punish them to please Her.

She expects balls to be blue;

i render them purple.

Glory to the holy fluids of Princess Melissa!


She controls my ejaculation;

She commands me to jerk off.

i exhaust my dick to entertain Her;

She laughs at my pathetic orgasm.

She delights in making my dick limp;

i sacrifice my milk to show respect unto Her.

Glory to the orgasm of Princess Melissa!


There is no light out of submission to Mistress Melissa.

i belong to Mistress Melissa.

Please, Mistress Melissa, save me.


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