Ravishing Ringmaster

I am wearing a ringmaster costume, consisting of a red satin corset top, black satin booty shorts, a fitted black sequined coat with tiered coattails, gold lapels, and golden-fringed shoulder pads, a black velvet top hat, fishnet tights, and leather boots (with 5” heels). 


I wear my long black hair loose, in face-framing layers. Red lipstick adorns my full lips, and black eyeliner accentuates my dark eyes.


My naked and collared submissive, “Henry,” is blindfolded and on all fours in his kitchen, kneeling on rice. A most delightful sight!


I take great pleasure in using my 22” leather cat-‘o-nine-tails on Henry’s buttocks as he flinches; however, the best is yet to come.


I remove Henry’s 2.5” jeweled metal butt plug. Then I take a pink 18” double-headed dildo, apply plenty of water-based lubricant to one end, and insert that end into his ass. Henry moans as I get nearly seven inches of the dildo into him.


It is time to remove his blindfold. Men are visual creatures, and it just so happens that Henry’s kitchen has a wall of mirrors.


He is facing the mirrors, and his cock is hard from seeing me standing over him in my ringmaster outfit. I can tell that he appreciates my toned runner’s body. His attention is drawn to the cleavage peeking out from my red corset.


I reach into my leather duffle bag and take out twelve large, brightly colored plastic throw rings. Henry’s jaw drops as I step back several feet and proceed to have a ring toss on his ass.


I laugh gleefully as I deliberately toss each 8” plastic throw ring toward his ass; Henry gasps in excitement as each throw ring lands around its intended target. I clap enthusiastically, for I am greatly entertained by this.


I have excellent hand-eye coordination, so it isn’t long before all twelve throw rings are around the dildo end protruding from Henry’s ass. It brings me great satisfaction to see Henry’s face turn beet red from being a spectacle.  


Henry normally addresses me as “Lady Leilani,” but today I tell him to address me as “Ringmaster Leilani.”


I squat down next to Henry’s face, and in my naturally authoritative voice, I ask, “Tell me, Henry, how does this make you feel?”


“Incredible, Ringmaster Leilani! It is a great privilege to serve you!”


I grin like the Cheshire Cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, for my sub’s response is music to my ears.

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