Mistress Olivia's Sissy Academy (MOSA)

A Phone Programme for Aspiring Sissy Maids and Other Panty Whores

Mistress Olivia is currently seeking sincere pantywaists who require firm lessons and guided training in the art of becoming a sissy maid and/or panty slave. Interested supplicants should be prepared, upon receiving an audience with Herself, to explain exactly why they aspire to sissydom and what they hope to achieve from these sessions. If a slut is deemed worthy, lessons will commence. Commitment and sincerity are required—all sissies MUST desire to serve Women and please them at all costs, and must be able to withstand all forms of humiliation! Successful completion of this programme will result in the sissy's transformation into a well-polished novitiate maid, with universal appeal and utility to Dommes everywhere.

These are real-life lessons, NOT mere phone fantasy! (Although exceptionally well-behaved sissies will be rewarded with the best of that as well.) Approved sluts will receive their designated sissy name, followed by training, encouragement and/or punishment during sessions, and assignments to complete during session intervals.

All supplicants shall obtain the following items in order to properly begin their sissy journey:

* A journal: preferably a lovely bound book decorated in floral (or similar) prints, with perfumed pages; or a tasteful online equivalent. The sissy slut will be commanded to keep records of progress, fantasies, and misbehaviors, to be reported to Mistress Olivia at Her whim.

* 7 pairs of well-fitting lady's panties (one for each day of the week) in appropriate cuts and colors. No more than 1 pair may be black; no more than 2 pairs white. Pinks, yellows, reds, and baby blues are preferred. The sissy must be able to commit to wearing the panties underneath his unsuitable male clothes at all times; or for no less than one full hour per day. Panty-whore treatment is always given preferentially to those sluts who wear their panties as often as possible.

* 1 large box of regular-absorbency tampons (not to be used until Mistress Olivia commands). Plastic applicators and KY Jelly recommended.

* 1 butt plug (optional: >1). Preferably a set in graduated sizes, for those sluts wishing to one day receive Mistress Olivia's strap-on in their pussy holes.

The sissy whore must also be able and eager to obey the following Rules during training:

* To be honorable, respectful, and deferential to Mistress Olivia, and polite and pleasant to all Womankind.

* To maintain chastity and/or to limit sexual release as deemed appropriate by Mistress Olivia. This may include: resisting the urge to rub their clitties between sessions; saving their nasty cum in a jar; obeying a masturbation regimen as assigned by Mistress Olivia, no matter how harsh; and documenting (and receiving punishment for) any disobediences.

* Practicing and perfecting the sissy arts, including but not limited to: makeup application, curtsying, anal training, body hair removal, and other assignments as deemed appropriate by Mistress Olivia.

Other requirements will be added as MOSA training proceeds. Sessions will be tailored for each supplicant. Phone training will take place at regular intervals, depending on Mistress Olivia's availability and the sissy slut's dedication to Becoming.

Sincere supplicants have permission to call Mistress Olivia for an interview and to petition for entrance into the Academy.

Best of luck, sweeties . . . 


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