The Balkan Trilogy Revisited

Caro glanced through the windows as she walked down the streets of the Old City district. There the shops were filled with exotic clothes, sexy expensive lingerie, and buttery, finely crafted leathers. Caro was wearing her dark cocoa-colored leather pants and matching jacket. Her garb looked painted on, the better to show off her small waist and rounded hips. The pants accentuated her high heart-shaped derriere and pronounced her melodic swing as she strode. The snow was still melting, so she wore her riding boots to keep steady on the narrow icy streets of Bucharest. She walked stealthily, and from a distance she looked as if she were gliding. On her wavy brown hair she wore a brown mink Cossack’s hat that sat jauntily and slightly off-center. Her thick hair was in a chignon that was held up by a large blue-topaz hat pin.


Caro walked into her hotel and entered the English Bar, where she was to meet her two colleagues. The English Bar was renowned for its spies during the two World Wars. It seemed never to change. As she moved through the room, all eyes were riveted on her. She greeted the pair awaiting her. Both men looked delighted, as well as delightful, as they had refreshed themselves for cocktails. They were concealing weapons, but Caro didn’t mind, for they had worked together before, and one happened to be her lover, whom she saw while on assignments. The other was an extremely handsome man from South America. Everyone was ready for libations, as this had been an arduous op. Caro was judicious with her drink so she could observe them talking quietly about the debrief. Suddenly, she decided that she was going to spice up the evening and asked them rather lasciviously if they would like dinner in her room upstairs. They looked astonished and mutely followed her to the elevator.


The ride in the lift was slow, and fraught with sexual tension. The three headed to her suite, and she opened the door and gestured with her hand for them to enter. “Guns in the safe, now.” Her guests complied. They kept their sharp-edge weapons as a precaution. Caro called downstairs and requested two bottles of Dom Perignon with three flutes and Saint André cheese. She then sat down on the chaise and demanded that Kevin and the distinguished Latino, Junot, remove their jackets and ties. They did so posthaste. Caro ordered her lover to her boots, so Kevin kneeled before her and quickly removed the long boot from her delicate foot. Caro kicked him and made him remove the other boot more slowly. Kevin bowed and apologized and slowly removed her remaining boot in a more sensuous manner. He then kissed her stockinged foot. Angered, his Mistress grabbed his thick salt-and-pepper hair and pulled his face close to hers. Looking into his eyes, she said, “I did not give you permission to kiss me.” He bowed in shame and was told to stand away from her in parade rest. Kevin said, “Ma’am, yes, ma’am,” and did as ordered. Junot was wide-eyed with incredulity, absolutely enthralled by this beautiful, dangerous, and commanding woman. His clear blue-green eyes looked at her with longing, and she returned that look, smiling.


Room service arrived, and everyone held their breath as the young lad poured champagne into the crystal flutes with flair. The interruption heightened the anticipation as well as put them all en garde. After dismissing the waiter, Caro rose and said, “Gentlemen, a toast.” The three stood together and roared, “NASTROVIA.” They smiled with the knowledge that their operations in Moldova had been successful. The flutes were emptied, in accordance with the Russian fashion of toasting. Caro ordered Kevin, like a subaltern, to pour more, and he refreshed their glasses. “Yes, ma’am!” he replied crisply and returned to his station.


Caro slowly circled Junot and admired his handsome bronze body. Junot was taller than Kevin and younger by at least ten years. His shoulders were broad and his waist slim. Caro slipped on a pair of exquisite high-heeled satin mules so that she could kiss his neck while she looked over at Kevin. Kevin appeared jealous and hurt. She laughed at his shame. Caro commanded Kevin to strip naked and sit on the chair. He dutifully did as told. Kevin’s long, turgid cock was erect for both to see. She walked over to him and ruffled his hair, coddled his testicles, and bent down to lick delicately at the shaft and glans.


“Watch us and maybe you’ll learn something,” Caro said to Kevin. She then waltzed over to Junot and began slowly unzipping her jacket so that she could unveil her soft chocolate-colored lace corset. Her firm breasts were pushed up, showing her creamy skin, and both men looked hungrily at her as she slipped the jacket off. She started kissing Junot teasingly, until he could no longer control his need for a deep kiss. She relented and began to unbutton his shirt and explore his majestic chest. She turned him around to face Kevin while she kissed his neck and licked the vertebrae down to the small of his back. She stood and unbuckled his belt while Kevin watched. She unzipped his pants and felt the head of his cock pushing out of his underwear. He groaned as she pulled his drawers down along with his trousers. She felt his cock, and its girth was so wide that she was surprised. Turning around, he began to unzip the back of her leather pants. Junot slowly shimmied the pants down as Caro stepped out of her heels to aid him. She was wet, and her pupils were so dilated with sexual excitement that only the gold flecks at the perimeter of her irises showed around the inky pools. She stood quivering with excitement as she appraised her beautiful body in the cheval glass. Her corset held up her stockings, but she wore nothing to cover her lovely triangle of sable hair.


She and Junot looked in each other’s eyes as their hands roved the curves of each other’s buttocks. Junot bent down to lick her round breasts and small pert nipples. The nipples became inflamed, fired by the hot liquid desire below, and their color turned from pink to scarlet. Kevin knew her secret: that if Junot played with her nipples any longer she would explode in orgasm. He began to stroke himself as he watched. Junot picked her up and carried her onto the bed. She faced him with her legs still wrapped around his waist. There was a wet spot above his navel, and Junot touched his finger to the slick and put it in his mouth. “Delicious,” he murmured as he slipped his fingers into the swollen lips under her delta. She began to explore his large cock, gently feeling its velvety head whilst touching his high, rounded testicles. She knew then that he was very excited. She turned around to lie on her tummy so that he could lick her behind and encircle her rosebud. He licked around the world while fingers delicately played on her clitoris. She was panting with desire. She turned around to taste his cock, which was now gleaming with precum, and began to lick him, but he pushed her back, as he was too aroused and wanted to protract the hot sexual chemistry. Caro and Junot were so entranced that they didn’t see Kevin standing over them with his cock in hand. Junot was gently sucking her clitoris and realized that she wanted him inside her. He pushed back and lifted her butt while he slowly circled his cock around her swollen sex. He teased, pushing in and out of the rim of her red hole and then thrust hard. Caro cried out in pleasure. He worked slowly, pulling out all the way and then pushing deeply into her. The two were in a state of such heightened pleasure that they wanted to delay the moment of release, so she told him to stop.


She looked up and saw Kevin watching intensely, so she guided his free hand to her swollen mound and placed his two fingers around Junot’s fat cock and observed both of them. Junot began to slide slowly into Caro, and he groaned at the added tension encircling his organ. Caro then licked her lips and wet her middle finger in order to penetrate Kevin. She probed his anus and then stroked deep into his ass. The three were entwined in plateau, a place so sweet it was agonizingly hard to stay there without thundering into orgasm. Finally Caro began to tremble and to trip down into that delicious point where she couldn’t hold back. She arched her neck and came so hard that the contractions clamped down on Kevin’s fingers, and he and Junot followed suit. Caro could feel Kevin’s contractions on her finger, and the rhythm matched her own. Kevin had spurted all over Junot’s chest, but Junot was still coming inside her. Sweating and laughing, the trio lay back on the bed. The three finished the champagne and fell asleep nestled together like spoons.


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