Operant Conditioning

“Emma, you've got to help me with Felix,” said Charlotte. She was fidgety today. She ran her hand through her curly auburn hair and pulled it to one side over her shoulder, exposing her generous creamy cleavage in her V-neck shirt.

“I always thought you two were so perfect together! He's so affectionate and caring. Honestly I wish I had a boyfriend like Felix.” My mind drifted briefly to his broad shoulders, muscled chest, his wild curly hair and his huge smile. When you saw him onstage in his element playing guitar it was hard not to soak your panties . . . even if you know it's dangerous to fuck artists unless you're absolutely sure you have the upper hand.

Yeah . . . he's great, I mean . . .” Charlotte trailed off, picking at her coffee cup. She was curvy in the best way, with a tiny waist, round hips, and large breasts. Though we had similar coloring, we were different types. I’m slender, my curves toned and under control from dance and competing in triathlons, with a more angular face, striking cheekbones, and ice-blue eyes I’ve heard described as “challenging.” She was more sweet and soft, with large aqua eyes, a round face, and a depth of facial expression I have never encountered in any individual before or since. “He is great, most of the time. All of the time, really. Except in bed.”

“Ooh,” I said knowingly, casting her a side glance and trying to hide my smirk. My long chestnut waves fell across my chest, and I brushed aside some long bangs as I leaned over to take a sip from my still-full latte. “Nobody's perfect you know.” I had heard stories about Felix being distant and unaccommodating in bed. He had a reputation among women—everyone wanted to fuck him, but didn't exactly get the experience they expected if they did get into his pants.

“Emma! I thought he would appreciate how indulgent I've been toward him! I gave him everything he wanted! I even bring my cutest girlfriends around to have threesomes with us. But he thinks he's a total rock star. He fucks me until he blows his load, and never eats me out. He would rather all my girlfriends come around and eat my pussy so he can just watch and doesn't have to do it himself.”


I knew where this was going. “It sounds like somebody needs some discipline.” I leaned to the side and tossed my hair over my shoulder, and the strap of my delicate tank top fell down. Charlotte slipped a soft finger under the strap and eased it back up into place.


“Exactly.” Her gaze narrowed. “Will you have a threesome with us? Trust me, we'll show you a good time. I just need someone to help me . . . uh . . . whip Felix into shape, and you're very good with motivating men to please.” Charlotte's blue eyes stared intently at me as she smiled. She'd never been one to beg, and she was intelligent as hell. She was a seductress of unparalleled beauty and wit. She clearly was a force to be reckoned with under most circumstances. But Felix was no ordinary man. He was accustomed to having whatever woman he wanted, and he wasn't used to being told no. He was her intellectual match, and a clever schemer. Charlotte, though a master of subtle influence, had no interest in forcing Felix to bend to her will. He was clearly too smart for that. And that was why I had to play bad cop for her.



The following Sunday I found myself at Felix and Charlotte's place. The nineteenth-century house had elaborate textured wallpaper that hadn't been replaced since the house was built. The high ceilings and stained-glass windows cast a warm but soft light in the bedroom. We sat on their bed, drinking tea and pulling up absurd videos to laugh at. I showed them an amateur video of a woman who peed into an enema bottle and then, to everyone's dismay, stuck the nozzle up her butt and emptied it into herself.


“Ewww! Why did you have to show me that?” Charlotte squealed as Felix laughed at her reaction. 

“I found it saved on one of the Reddit accounts I used to share with my ex so we could look for porn. I don't think he realized I actually checked it and knew what he was into.”


“He had some dirty secrets, huh?” Felix chuckled as he stroked Charlotte's hair affectionately.

“Oh, you have no idea.” I leaned back and stretched out on the bed. “He used to ask me to sit and pee on his face while I blew him. Total perv. Used to get him rock hard, though, so I didn't mind.” I saw Felix cast Charlotte a look of desire. This is often how their orgiastic escapades started. A sexy conversation, a knowing glance. Before you knew it everyone was fucking.

“I'd really like it if you sucked my cock right now.” Felix's caresses grew more desperate as he pulled Charlotte closer and grasped her voluptuous round ass. 

"Mmmm . . . I'd like that, Felix, but you know what I'd really like?” She reached down and unzipped his pants and rubbed her hand on his rapidly stiffening dick. “If you let Emma put some cuffs on you while I blow you. And then we can give you the best double blow job you've ever had. What do you think of that?”

He raised an eyebrow and seemed a little put off by her request, but his interest was genuinely piqued by the promise of a double blow job. “Uh, okay. I guess if it really turns you on, you ladies can cuff me.” He gave her a flirtatious smile and pressed his body into hers. I sneaked up behind him and slipped my locking cuffs onto his arms as he held and kissed her. Slowly and gently I pulled his arms behind his back and locked them with a short length of chain. He reared back in surprise, still sitting on his knees on the bed.

“Whoa, these are pretty solid.” He tested the chains by tugging his arms apart. He wasn't getting out unless we wanted him out. I let him continue to kiss and flirt with Charlotte while I grabbed a few more items out of my bag. He wasn't paying attention; he was too busy focusing on his lady's hands and tongue in his pants. She motioned for him to turn over on the bed, and he began to look more and more confused as he assumed a submissive position. I assisted in flipping him over, positioning his cheek on the pillow and pulling his hips back so his ass was presented to us in the air.


I lowered my face to just above Felix's, his hands bound behind his back, his shoulders straining. I tugged his chin forward to look up at me. “I hear you've been a nasty fuck boy, Felix. So selfish, blowing your load all the time, without the slightest consideration for Charlotte's pussy. A woman needs to feel special, you know.”

“I know she loves my cock,” he spat with disdain. “You should hear her squeals when I fuck her. But you wouldn't know, because you haven't had sex with her yet, have you?”


A loud slap across his left cheek silenced him. Redness washed across his face. “I hate to break it to you, sweet cheeks, but Charlotte is a generous and indulgent lover to you. She would do anything to keep you satisfied.” I raised my eyebrow in Charlotte's direction, and on cue, she arched her back, bit her lip, and her moans of reckless abandon filled the room. Likewise on cue, Felix's cock stiffened. Though he knew she was pretending, her moans excited him nonetheless.


I swept up my strap-on and pulled it up my taut thighs in one fluid motion, tugging quickly at the straps and moving toward my target.  His compact, muscular ass displayed in front of me, I rubbed some lube onto his tense asshole as I pushed his face more deeply into the pillow with my free hand. 

“Relax, sweet cheeks,” I purred. “This is going to be fun. We'll make sure to please you . . . as long as you're pleasing Charlotte.” I motioned for her to lie down in front of him as I buckled a collar onto his neck and tugged him backward to make room for her. I snapped a leash onto the ring and jerked it backward as she lay beneath him, her pierced nipples pink and erect, her full breasts perky and supple. I handed her the leash, and she pulled his face down into her shaved mound. 


“If you get a genuine moan out of her, I'll touch your filthy cock. If she stops moaning, I'll make sure to focus only on fucking your greedy little asshole. Deal?”


Felix moaned an indistinguishable reply from Charlotte's pussy. I smiled as I pressed the tip of my dildo firmly into his tight asshole. He gasped suddenly, and Charlotte moaned. I reached down and felt that his cock was hard and leaking juices as I stroked and fucked him.

“Oh, he's already so hard for you,” I moaned. There's nothing I love more than teaching a lesson to a nasty fuck boy. I focused my efforts on long slow thrusts into his ass, and he started to relax as I entered him fully. He seemed to struggle to find a rhythm for eating her pussy, so I pushed his face in deeper. 

“Make your tongue wide and flat against her clit, sweet cheeks! Lick her like it's the last pussy you'll ever have the pleasure to eat.” He pressed his face in deeply and made long slow strokes against her lips, dragging slowly up toward her most sensitive area. When a moan escaped her lips, I was sure to reward him by stroking his straining cock, conditioning him to please her more and more frequently and intensely. As I thrust slowly and firmly into him, he started to moan louder, and his head moved frantically as he tried to find Charlotte's pleasure spots.

“Ahhh, Felix, it turns me on so much watching you get fucked. I'm so close to coming!” Charlotte bit her lip, and her back started to arch. She couldn't hold off much longer. He worked at her pussy, dying for relief from the cock in his butthole, but also extremely turned on by how much it excited her to watch him get fucked. My hand was continuously stroking his leaking dick at this point, and I could feel him stiffening more and more as he approached his orgasm. At this point, I begin to feel my clit tighten in the strap-on from the pressure of fucking him and from the intense dynamic between the two of them. I suddenly became extremely turned on as they both neared climax.

“Charlotte, I can tell he loves getting fucked for your pleasure—isn't that right, boy?” He pressed his face harder into her pussy, and she exploded, from the pressure of his tongue and also from the thought of her naughty boyfriend finally being taught his lesson. While she writhed and moaned, I felt his cock start throbbing as he blew his load all over my hand and their sheets. I thrust into him deeply and felt waves of pleasure, both of our bodies straining as we moaned in chorus.

We all collapsed together and napped for a while until we had enough strength to clean ourselves up. I uncuffed Felix, who snuggled up next to Charlotte, looking satisfied albeit slightly too embarrassed to make eye contact with either of us. I picked up my things and turned to leave them to their cuddling. As I exited the doorway I paused.

“And don't forget, I'm free to join you two anytime Charlotte likes!” I smiled an evil grin as Felix looked at me, and I strode out the door.

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