The Male Gaze

You always remember the first time you indulge in something decadent and forbidden. It lives on in the mind, growing more vivid as you replay each delicious moment. My breath still quickens when I think about the first time I embraced the tigress within and acted on my desires. 


I had just started at the University when we met. My father had employed him to complete the remodel of the great room. He was tall, with jet-black hair and the sculpted body of someone whose days were spent hauling lumber. I caught him watching me one afternoon, but when I turned to catch his gaze, he lowered his eyes and blushed. He had to be at least ten years my senior, but every time our eyes chanced to meet, he averted his gaze, his skin turning a deep crimson.


Father had always forbidden my interactions with the men he hired. I suppose he worried that they might take advantage of his beautiful young daughter. But the desire to march up to this man, tangle my fingers in his wavy hair, and pull his eyes up to meet mine grew stronger with each lost look until I could no longer contain it. 


I waited, and then one day, when I was confident we were alone, I approached him. He smiled politely and started to lower his gaze and turn away. And that is when it happened. I commanded him to remain where he stood and look at me. When our eyes finally met, a flare of raw passion ignited. 


“Why do you glance away whenever our eyes meet?” I demanded. 


He quietly replied, “I have not yet earned that privilege, Mistress.”


I had never even heard the term used before that day. I had no idea what it meant to be a Mistress. But he recognized my true nature before I was even conscious of it myself. That day I began an amazing journey, one of domination, sadism, and erotic pleasures beyond imagination. 


A journey I look forward to continuing with you.


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