Curriculum Vitae

Behold, in your mind's eye: Mistress Taylor, standing five four in Her bare feet, appearing as captivatingly innocent as the girl next door. Dare to kneel at Her perfectly pedicured feet. With the heart of a true sadist and an interest in all that is taboo, Mistress Taylor has experience well beyond Her twenty-two years.
Presenting Herself with an eloquence that is unique to Her, Mistress Taylor excels at making dreams into reality; and reality, into a dream. To hear the exquisite purr of Her voice is to fall prey to Her charms.
I, Mistress Taylor, command all slaves, sissies, and sluts to report at once to My telephonic dungeon, there to succumb to My every whim and desire. Your pain will soon be My pleasure. From sensual torment to severe corporal punishment, My interests go far beyond physical play, to a new level of complete and total mind engagement. I bring to phone domination everything I have learned from My stint as a Prodomme.
Curious about My specialties?
Having been extensively trained in most aspects of medical play, I adore administering wine enemas, bladder infusions, injections, prostate milking, and saline-solution testicular inflation. Here's a peek inside My arsenal of medical paraphernalia: catheters, sounds, speculums, electrodes, needles for play piercing, and of course, one of My personal favorites, the four-quart bag. Feeling suddenly unwell? Perhaps you would like to be strapped down to an OB/GYN table for one of My very thorough medical examinations . . .
The adult babies among you will delight as I, Mistress Dommy, burp and diaper you. Cross-dressers and sissies will flourish in My elite all-girls school for those pretty darlings who need just a bit of polishing around the edges. Learn such timeless skills as makeup application and the dos and don'ts of a proper curtsy.
To get Myself into the right sort of mood for a little session of telephone S&M, I'll often slip into My latex catsuit or don a pair of thigh-high leather boots, perhaps allowing you to listen to the sibilant hiss of the long zipper closing like a sigh. You will find that I particularly enjoy long-term bondage, teasing and denial, CBT, electroplay, heavy corporal discipline, and wielding a strap-on dildo. I revel in role-play and power-exchange fantasies. There is nothing more satisfying than visualizing a man helpless at My feet. The more creative the fantasy, the more outrageous the fetish, the better . . . Challenge My imagination.


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