Charlotte's Web

At my very first job out of college, I had a tyrannical, perfectionist boss who wore a perpetual scowl on his face. One morning I came into the office early. I didn't see anyone as I went into my cubicle and sat down, turning my chair to the desk. Then I felt hands move up between my legs, and I jumped! I looked down and saw my boss between my legs with a finger to his lips, begging, "Shhh, please, Charlotte, let me please you!"

I was astounded. He was begging me! I was completely aroused instantly. My boss was under my desk, begging me to let him eat me! I thought, We're going to get caught—but he had already taken my shoe off and was kissing my foot. He flicked his tongue across my toes, and then I thought, Oh God, I don't care! My feet are very sensitive and love attention. I lowered my chair and pulled my body all the way into the desk, easing my skirt up to my hips. He worked slowly up from my ankles, licking, kissing, and sucking up my legs: first one leg, then the other, sliding his lips along the smooth nylon of my stockings.

I was deliriously wet with delight as his mouth reached the soft, tender skin of my thighs. I realized at that moment how excited I was by this power I had over my boss. I knew instinctively what to do now to get everything I wanted. I pulled my legs shut immediately. "Beg me for a taste, slave," I ordered him. He whimpered in response. I told him again, "Beg me, slave, and then you can lick my pussy." He whispered, "Please, Mistress Charlotte, please, please, let me lick you."

With that, I felt the juices rush between my thighs, and I opened my legs wide and pulled his face to my pussy. All I could feel was his warm, wet tongue and lips licking my clit, up and down and round and round, as he moaned. I slid my hands into his hair and wrapped my legs around his head, holding him tight to me. His tongue sucked and wiggled my clit faster and faster. I started to hear people's voices, but I knew I had to climax now, and I couldn't stop my throbbing pussy. I whispered, "Make your Mistress come now, slave, and she will be very pleased," as I felt my orgasm explode through my body with such force I can still feel it down to my toes . . .

One moment later, I pushed his head away from me and stood up. My boss crawled out from under my desk, smiling sheepishly at me. I had actually succeeded in wiping that ever-present scowl off his mug! I told him, "You can go now, slave, but don't wipe my juice off your face—it suits you." Glazed like a doughnut and docile as a lamb, he turned and slunk back to his office.


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