Mistress Manifesto

Hello, My darlingsóMy ladyboys, pets, doormats, and whores,


I'm looking forward to meeting all of you at last. To tide you over until O/our tÍte-ŗ-tÍte, I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce Myself.


I have My preferences of course . . . those things that bring Me particular joy. A submissive who needs regular training to become a proper lady, maid, or body servant. Men who crave the naughty thrill of going out in public while covertly wearing silky panties or a collar or a cock ring. Someone who enjoys the beauty of a womanís foot, be it bare or shod in a leather boot. Sluts who want to learn more about their own bodies: what feels good, what excites, what begs for more. I particularly enjoy a man with good manners, who listens and does as he is told. I am warm and playful by nature, but very sharp and strict with those who donít know how to treat a woman with respect. Ultimately, though, what I enjoy most is you. Every sub has his own likes and kinks and fantasies. I find the myriad combinations of sexual interests endlessly fascinating, and the more you tell me about yourself, the more pleased I'll be.


Your secrets are safe with Me. Share them.


Should you wish to make O/our time together more personal, I might sometimes choose a toy or item of clothing from My own collection for you to wear as a reminder of your training. I may even make a piece of apparel especially for you, as costume design is one of My passions. If you wish to be taught how to walk in heels, to practice good posture, to sit like a proper lady, or need other feedback of a visual nature, I am willing to observe you via webcam, provided that youíve already proved your good manners and that you take proper precautions. I very much like to hear of progress being made as you learn to apply makeup or increase the size of the toy you can take, and preferential appointment time is given to those who keep track of their progress and report it to Me on a regular basis.


Welcome to My world,


M. Devon


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