Mistress Leilani's Memoirs

Dancing Days

When I was a stripper, “Will” was a frequent patron of mine. A software engineer in his forties, he was one of the first to tell me that my gaze was so intense and penetrating, it made him feel like he was experiencing “eye sex” whenever our eyes met. He said my dark-brown almond-shaped eyes placed him under a spell.


Teasing Will gave me a thrill. He got blue balls from seeing my small areolas (which are the size of dimes), and he especially enjoyed my pink nipples, which he said resembled pencil erasers.


He confessed that watching me do the splits onstage made him wish that I would do a split over his face. He disclosed that seeing my firm ass cheeks flexing mid-split made him hard as a rock.


Will often took me shopping for lingerie, and he also bought me numerous pairs of shoes and boots, all with 5” heels (my favorite heel height). It excited him to know that I’d be wearing all the lingerie and shoes on dates with other men.


Will and I never dated; I’d reward him after our shopping sprees by having him wear a gates-of-hell cock cage as I teased him during our sessions at his home.


Besides role-playing in costumes (Catwoman was a favorite), I’d model racy lingerie sets and also parade around topless. Will appreciated that my breasts were round, naturally uplifted, and very close together. 


I also tormented him by tying him up with ¼” blue hemp rope, placing my thong panties over his head (knowing that my scent would make his cock throb and swell), and then tickling him with ostrich feathers, a Wartenberg wheel, and a lambswool duster.


It was so much fun to have Will kneel and service my 8” strap-on; afterwards, he would try his best to amuse me by showing me his finest Chippendale moves. It entertained me to see him blush while he was trying to put on a good show for me.


As a special treat, I’d roll him up in a large carpet and dance all over him, and I’d also walk all over his chest and back in my stocking feet.


Every two weeks, I’d allow Will to remove his gates-of-hell cock cage to jerk off, with the stipulation that he had to climax in thirty seconds or less. Having a time constraint aroused him; he was always able to climax within the allotted time frame, attributing his success to envisioning my toned body. He would imagine my long jet-black hair caressing his cock and chest as he came.


Will remains of my favorite subs from my dancing days. He loved that fact that despite my gentle and innocent appearance, I was naughty to the core; the dichotomy excited him. I was born naughty, and I have a reputation to uphold.



Studio Secrets

I am a voice actor based in the Bay Area, and I have the pleasure of working from the comfort of my home recording studio while wearing as little as possible. I like to wear sexy panties or a micro bikini while performing.


It works in my favor that clients expect most voice actors to have their own home recording studio so that auditions can be submitted digitally; once a voice actor has been hired for a job, a client then expects the final audio files to be delivered digitally.


Whether I’m rehearsing, auditioning, recording a project while being live-directed via phone, or mastering audio files, I am usually wearing only thong panties.


My round breasts are perky, and there is minimal space between my breasts. My pink nipples (which resemble the erasers on the end of No. 2 pencils) are constantly hard, thanks to frequent thoughts of sex.


It excites me when I am being live-directed by clients by phone; unbeknownst to them, I’m frequently topless while recording their project.


It thrills me to be able to say that I’ve recorded radio spots while wearing nothing but skimpy panties over my delightfully firm buns; vigorous workouts keep my ass in tip-top shape.


Yes, I can perform just as well while fully clothed, but where is the fun in that? This is coming from an exhibitionist who paraded around the coed dorms at UCLA in string bikinis.


My microphone is extremely sensitive, and clothing can make rustling sounds. Another reason to eschew clothing!


Not being seen by clients also gives me more job opportunities in the world of voice acting, because it helps me avoid typecasting. My lustrous jet-black hair, along with my coffee-colored eyes and slightly pouty lips, gives me an exotic and delicate appearance; ironically, my natural speaking voice is often described as commanding and authoritative.


Big projects require me to sign an NDA before I can even see the script, let alone audition. So, while it’s possible that you may have heard my voice somewhere, I can neither confirm nor deny the specifics; just know that for all of my projects, I was nearly nude and absolutely loving it.


Ravishing Ringmaster

I am wearing a ringmaster costume, consisting of a red satin corset top, black satin booty shorts, a fitted black sequined coat with tiered coattails, gold lapels, and golden-fringed shoulder pads, a black velvet top hat, fishnet tights, and leather boots (with 5” heels). 


I wear my long black hair loose, in face-framing layers. Red lipstick adorns my full lips, and black eyeliner accentuates my dark eyes.


My naked and collared submissive, “Henry,” is blindfolded and on all fours in his kitchen, kneeling on rice. A most delightful sight!


I take great pleasure in using my 22” leather cat-‘o-nine-tails on Henry’s buttocks as he flinches; however, the best is yet to come.


I remove Henry’s 2.5” jeweled metal butt plug. Then I take a pink 18” double-headed dildo, apply plenty of water-based lubricant to one end, and insert that end into his ass. Henry moans as I get nearly seven inches of the dildo into him.


It is time to remove his blindfold. Men are visual creatures, and it just so happens that Henry’s kitchen has a wall of mirrors.


He is facing the mirrors, and his cock is hard from seeing me standing over him in my ringmaster outfit. I can tell that he appreciates my toned runner’s body. His attention is drawn to the cleavage peeking out from my red corset.


I reach into my leather duffle bag and take out twelve large, brightly colored plastic throw rings. Henry’s jaw drops as I step back several feet and proceed to have a ring toss on his ass.


I laugh gleefully as I deliberately toss each 8” plastic throw ring toward his ass; Henry gasps in excitement as each throw ring lands around its intended target. I clap enthusiastically, for I am greatly entertained by this.


I have excellent hand-eye coordination, so it isn’t long before all twelve throw rings are around the dildo end protruding from Henry’s ass. It brings me great satisfaction to see Henry’s face turn beet red from being a spectacle.  


Henry normally addresses me as “Lady Leilani,” but today I tell him to address me as “Ringmaster Leilani.”


I squat down next to Henry’s face, and in my naturally authoritative voice, I ask, “Tell me, Henry, how does this make you feel?”


“Incredible, Ringmaster Leilani! It is a great privilege to serve you!”


I grin like the Cheshire Cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, for my sub’s response is music to my ears.

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